The Dragon Scioness's Guide to Top-tier Anarchy (GL) Book

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The Dragon Scioness's Guide to Top-tier Anarchy (GL)


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[UNDER MAJOR REWRITE!] WARNING: ANARCHY AHEAD Self-Proclaimed Anarchist Reyan Trevinsky gets (Read: drags herself) into a car accident. Let this be a lesson to you, kids, to never try driving without knowing how to. But instead of the expected trip into the afterlife, she finds herself waking up as a disposable Scioness, in a world filled with people who would love to complete the task of disposing of her. And the audacity. She isn't the main character. "You're bloody insane if you think I'm allowing that." Anarchy isn't the solution.  It's the question and she says "Yes". (Cover Art, not mine. If the artist can be credited, I will do so. If you know them or if you would like me to take it down, kindly inform me.)

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