The Dragon Queen
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The Dragon Queen


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What is The Dragon Queen

The Dragon Queen is a popular web novel written by the author BaeVida, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, CULTIVATION, REVENGE, REBIRTH, EASTERN-FANTASY, FEMALE PROTAGINIST, Historical Romance genres. It's viewed by 6.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 7 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After years of training, she becomes the Dragon Warrior. Loved by her people and cherished by the love of her life, she lead the kingdom after the passing away of her father, the King. All seemed well and fine, known to few but unknown to all. Danger awaits... On the day of her coronation, she was poisoned after taking her oath. Rebels appeared, skilled as she was, she had nothing to fear. Until she realizes the bitter truth, she had been poisoned. Slowing and weakening her very being, she fought with the last bit of strength she had. Weak as she was they were still no match for her. Until... Betrayed, she was killed, but not before swearing to the heavens. "I cannot truly die until I have ensured my people are safe". "I don't think so. Death awaits princess". Reborn eight years earlier, before her father's demise. She must find out the truth, and this she can't do by being the Dragon Princess. She needed an identity, to discover it all and to save her people. Join her on her journey to uncover the truth of it all. ---------- Cover page not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. You can message me on discord @ #BaeVida7167 Join my discord for update and discussion. https://discord.gg/xhyKs2 Thanks.


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Nice start, showing the loving relationship between the father and daughter even after his demise. Nice synopsis, I must say it got me hooked, I really want to know who betrayed her. Good description, and dialogue, author is trying. Just starting so I can't say much about update stability but carry on. Good luck with spirity. You have my votes.


Nice start author. I have read the previous work and I love the fact you are editing it to give your readers a better read. Nice synopsis, not your normal cultivation rebirth novel, this time she reincarnated 8 years back. Your writing quality is good, well just starting again but do hope updates are consistent. Nice description.. Good work author, keep it up.


I really wish author would not drop this book and continue.. It is a nice one. Good plot, nice title I like the cover as well... Sighhh authorrrr! !! Come on out.


The Princess truly is a strong and elegant main character to the story. I love the flow of writing which makes this an easy read and I'm interested to see where the story will lead. Good luck to the Author and keep up the amazing work!


So far, a promising read. The plot is intriguing, as well as concept. Text is understandable, but I would find myself rereading to get the gist. I suggest changing some sentence structure would do the trick. The narration could use some proofreading, since some transitions are rough. Overall, an interesting read. Keep up the good work.


Amazing novel so far, I want more actionnn, anyways good luck and don’t drop it..................................!.?.!:$:!,?:&:!,?:$!:?,$,!:?$,!


Job well done so far! Eagerly waiting for more updates... The story flow is smooth and the characters are designed well. This novel has great potential. Good work author! Cheers! Happy writing!


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