2 Chapter 2: The Walls

The person who threw it was Laeus, Laeti's twin brother. They were both 17, the same age as she was. They both had brown hair and hazelnut colored eyes.

The three of them had been close for as long as she can remember. It was the three of them that convinced some of the other orphans to escape. There were exactly 8 of them that lived in that house

"You heard her, get up already. We don't have all day! The windows got busted last night from the storm. We have to fix it early or we'll have to fix it when we get home from work. Which we can't do knowing how tired we all would be by then." she sighed in defeat.

She sat up from her worn out bed that was as hard as the floor and yawned once again before she finally stood up to get dressed. She grabbed a few tools and some measly wood.

Laeus and Laeti helped rebuild a window that was made up of rotting wood while she tried to fix as many holes as she can from some of the windows and ceiling.

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She looked at a window that had more holes than there were stars in the sky and sighed.

'What's the use of fixing this when it's just gonna be toppled just as easily as the last storm did when the next one comes along. We need new windows or at least new materials that we can fix it with' she sighed as she grabbed her rusty hammer and a piece of wood that was rotting but still acceptable enough to last another storm or two.

Naera was a humble, kind and hard working 17 year old girl. She had hair as black as night and eyes as grey as the clouds above during a rainy afternoon.

She was an exceptionally talented singer and is quite intelligent even though she was poor.

She loved to read and would borrow books from the library inside the Wall of Garuh the where she worked as the librarians assistant.

All of the walls of Topalia are named after the 5 most powerful wizards ever known that helped cast the spell that now protected them.

Each wall separated each class from one another.

It separated royalty from the rich nobles, the rich from the middle class, the middle class from the poor, and the poor from the outside world.

The walls of the castle is called 'Wall of Seferno',in memory of the wizard Seferno that contributed most of his magic to protect the walls of the castle, and dedicated most of his life and magic to the royal family.

The wall that separates the palace and the rich nobles is called the 'Wall of Marok' who was known as the richest in all of the 5 wizards.

The wall that separates the rich and the middle-class people is called the 'Wall of Ruluio' who was known as the most intelligent.

The wall that separates the middle-class and the poor is called the 'Wall of Garuh' who was known for being the youngest.

The wall that separates the poor and the outside world is called the 'Wall of Omire' who was the kindest and most powerful of them all which is why the wall that protects them all was named after him.

The gate of Merhu that was the passage way into the kingdom of Topalia was also named after Omire's best friend after he died saving Omire's life from an evil wizard Horire, Omire's twin brother.

The 5 wizards had many more other adventures but they were all born and raised in Topalia, and in the middle of their adventures they decided to create a spell that would protect the kingdom they were born and raised in.

Naera also wished for her own adventure too. But she didn't know it would come sooner than she thought.

Before she goes to work she takes a long bath first because the people inside the walls of Garuh are very fussy about dirt.

"Naera! Naera! You going to work already?" a little boy with dirty blonde hair smiled up at her.

His name was Nulu, he was a 11 year old boy that she also saved from the orphanage. Naera,Laeti and Laeus were the oldest in the house.

The younger children were Nulu who was 11, Zaela who was 14, Quedo who was 15, Xunna who was 12 and the youngest was Tharlo who was only 10 years old.

Nulu was the most energetic in the younger bunch, but he used his energy to become very hardworking.

He was one of the most hard working of them all. He would do any kind of job offered to him, no matter how odd or hard it was.

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