The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator


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What is The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator is a popular web novel written by the author Zehell2218, covering CULTIVATION, TSUNDEREML, BEAST COMPANION, ROMANCE-COMEDY, HAPPY-ENDING, WEAK-STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST, EASTERNFANTASY, TRANSMIGATION FEMALE LEAD, BEASTAMER, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 10.5M readers with an average rating of 4.56/5 and 1250 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1393 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


COMPLETED SERIES I'll find you even if we are worlds apart -Long Ao Zhen --------- Transmigrated into a trash body of general's daughter as female lead? Peh! Too mainstream! Transmigrated to be a villainess? Common! What about transmigrating and ending up as cannon fodder? Have read it before! From that many options to transmigrate how could she, Li Shi Ying a very ordinary English department college student, suddenly wake up in the crippled body of the female lead's ex-maidservant?! Heaven, this is too unfair! In this world where only the strong are respected, she can't cultivate? No problem! Dozens of high-rank spiritual beasts fight over protecting her! Beast Tamers are rare? Hmph! The beast language is her hometown language! Can't be an alchemist or array master? Who cares? She could just become a translator! Without a translator, all those rare jobs wouldn't even exist! Watch how she rules over the world without having a single bit of cultivation energy in her body! But, can someone please tell her how she suddenly became the Dragon Prince's wife? Momma, she wanna cry!!! This is a perfect story for those who are bored with the usual cultivation novel. Warning: Smut scene in chapters 7-9!! If you don't want to read it, just skip those chapters. If you like to read perfect grammar then this book might not be your cup of tea, but I'm still learning. So, it will become better in later chapters. Other project: 1. The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl (completed) Follow my Instagram: zehell2218 for Q & A and other fun information! Join me in discord for suggestion and fun chat: https://discord.gg/BWyWDJ7 For support: https://www.paypal.me/Zehell2218 *This cover isn't mine, credit to the. artist.* Big thanks to my editors: Overlord_venus, Kuma, DarkAngel84 Proofreader: Lilian


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A fun & not common transmigration at last! Thank you so much, creator! I am exceptionally happy I found this covered up pearl. I have perused just until part 40 and I need all the more seriously! I can't hang tight to gorge read this!


The story is interesting, the main character is a bug on a normal transmigration novel and the plot becomes tangled and cute. There are some author thoughts in the middle of the chapters which is somewhat fresh. The grammar could improve and sometimes the author gets in to much detail about levels and currency. I really hope the pace increases, we know from chap. 1 the Lead is a translator but it seems it will take a hundred chapters for her to know. So, a good plot and characters, but poor development. Still gonna keep on reading it though.


What a fabulous novel. I can't explain about how much I loved this novel. This was an extraordinary and mind-blowing novel. I wonder how a human can write such a fantastic novel. Keep going. I am with you


Hi! Just want to say that I love your novel! Thank you for writing and I will support you till the end! Do you have an estimate of how many chapters this will have? Thanks!


The story is a good one. Into a novel world. The ML is a delusional prince but I liked him. The mc also changed. It's great. But why don't see any ambitious moments between the couple after those early chapters. Hope gonna find more romance *ahem you know what kind of ^-^. Great job author keep it up.


Love the story and characters. Not your typical common transmigration story. Fun to read and can't wait for more updates 😊🙏. Thank you author-sama and more power to you 🙌🙌🙌


The story line so far is very good, but you need to do some editing and rewriting as readers will be turned off your novel if you continue the way you are, yes it will effect you updating but it will be a better experience for the reader in the future which should be the goal of a writer. To create a beautiful fiction world.


It's pretty interesting since this plot is refreshing. Not too heavy, and kinda like "ice bucket in summer"?? Wkwkwkwk 😂... Well, I like this novel for sure, because the ML is "too slow" and sometimes I just wanna punch him straight in his face... 🤣🤣 Well, Chen (I like this name weew 😆) maybe you should eat some "vinegar" or more before you realize that "feeling"... 😂 Well, Matur Nuhun teteh author for the novel... 😉


Finally something not so cliche in a cliche background.. I mean transmigation is quite popular now a days, but going for a not so cliche way for doing so is awesome. I loooovvvvveeed the idea, but I can't wait to see the future chapters. That's why I go for completed stories, although there aren't many completed stories here in webnovel. But, common, the theme, storyline and the characters are far too fun to resist enjoying that long.. Update fast.... Waiting waiting.




Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


After reading works from different authors about transmigration, it is very common to see a MC that is overbearing, heaven defying cultivation and so many cheats. And the plot would always be about revenge and talk about th MC that's a secret agnt or general, doctor etc . So when i saw this work of art, and theirs "translator" in it, somehow gets me curious. So i tried reading it, and BOOM! 💥💥 I WAS AWED! THIS WORK IS A GEM! i expected the same results and flow from other transmigation stories, but its not. Its actually reversed and the MC is just great! Im thankful that i decided to read this. To the author, editors, translators or anyone thats behind this work of art. Thank you , it was a great work!


Reveal spoiler


Good work. The only romance novel i read. Funny. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Add more fighting scene or face slap if you can. The romance is good not too cheesy but not to boring either. It's the right amount. I vote for this novel despite the bad grammar




This is one of those stories you find and then can't put down. Although there aren't many chapters yet, I can see how well the story will progress. This is such a gem!


I love 💯 of this story because of this title... I think the story will achieve so many success!! And the author is my daily inspiration❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




This story is a fresh spin on the typical transmigration story, but what I find interesting is that the "typical" transmigration story line and it's main character tendencies/op powers in this novel specifically seem to be combinations of other popular light novel story plots/ character developments I have read in the past, which I personally think is genius. The author really knows the tropes and uses it to incorporate new and interesting elements in the story of a character who has a "different perspective and cheats" than the usual main character leads. The fact that I have read a whole ton of typical transmigration stories before reading this novel has given me major Deja vu vibes and to be honest it adds a whole 'nother layer of enjoyment to the story. If anyone has read "Good for nothing Seventh Lady", they may find some scenes similar. Even the name of a certain shop in the story can be associated with "Shen Yi Di Nu", if memory serves me correctly. A whole lot of other novel story plots seem to be present in this novel as well, although I can't list them all at the moment. Anyways, What I love the most is how relatable the mc is in this story. She hits the nail on the head when expressing her emotions about seeing a novel come to life in front of her. Being a third party reader is waaaaay different from being a side character and I can appreciate how she tries her best and how her thought process influences her actions.


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