1 Chapter 1: Where It All Began

I got up at six o'clock like I do every morning and started getting ready for work. I see the spot where Evan sleeps and see that he hasn't been here for a couple of hours now. He was probably up at four this morning to get to a photoshoot that was about three hours away; he left a note on my hole office desk reminding me that we had a venue looking appointment at one this afternoon. I never would have thought planning a wedding would take so much time, money, and effort. I have no clue if I'll be done talking with a new client by one o'clock.

After gathering all paperwork that I took home from work yesterday and putting them in my bag, I check the time to see that I still have an hour and a half until I have to meet with my new client. Once I left my house, I stop by my office and put everything I don't need for my meeting on my desk, and then grabbed my notebook, folder, pen, and papers that I need for my meeting with a multi-millionaire C.E.O of the cities most popular entrapreneur, and put them in my bag.

Once I get to Perez Inc., I hand my keys to the nice young man that was holding his hand out for them. I gather my bag and start heading to the door of this very tall building. After I walk through the front door of Perez Inc., I head to the receiptionist desk where a young man with a name tag that read 'Aiden' sat working.

"Hello ma'am. What can I do for you today?" he replies with a geniune smile.

"I'm here for a meeting with Mr. Perez." I reply back with a smile.

"Okay, go through those doors and you are going to get on the first elevator on your right. Once in the elevator you are going to push the very top floor button. Once there an assistant will be waiting. Here is your visitors pass. You have a good day, ma'am."

"Thank you, and you too." I reply back.

I follow his instructions and get to the top of the building with a floor to ceiling windows showing off an amazing veiw of Seattle. I walk up to the assistant's desk and wait for him to notice that I'm here. Finally, he looks up and his name tag reads 'Carter' when he asks me what I'm there for I tell him and he rings his boss to tell him; once done he tells me to have a seat and that Mr. Perez will be right with me. Before I had a chance to sit and wait, a young man probably in his late twenties walks out the big oak doors.

"Hello Ms. Grey, it is a pleasure to meet you. Please come in." he says in a nice dark rich voice as he shakes my hand.

"Thank you, Mr. Perez." I kindly reply back. I walk into his office and wait to the side for him to show me where to sit.

"Please this way, ma'am." he says gesturing his hand towards the sitting area in the corner of his office. His seatting area has four seats and a clear glass coffee table with a small cabinet to the side of it most likely filled from Scotch to Brandy.

I take a look around his office and I can tell from the design of the office that it gives off the cruel and ruthless businessman. I take a closer look and see that his desk is located in the center of the office facing the oak office doors, all sides of his office have floor to ceiling windows that give you a stunning view of Seattle at nine in the morning on a Monday. I also notice that on his desk to one side is folders and documents that either need to be looked at or signed, and on the other side is an Apple desktop with a phone not that far from his mouse, and a calender put in the middle of his desk with meetings probably scattered on different days. Behind his desk is a wooden cabinet with drawers that most likely have important documents in it, and on top of the cabinet is pictures that look like some with family, friends, and a gorgeous women that seems to hug onto him and kissing his cheek. His office has original hardwood oak floors, a few pictures on the wall. As an interior designer things like this capture my eye, and make me so happy to have the job that I always wanted.

"My father came up with the interior design of the office." he says as he watches me take mental note of every design of his office.

"I see he went for a interior design that told everyone that entered that your father was a cruel and cold businessman." I reply back not even thinking about it.

"He did, but my father was anything but cruel and cold."

"What about you?"

"I can be a cruel, cold, and ruthless businessman when needed, just ask anyone that I've done business with."

"I see. Well should we get started?"

I start off with simple questions after our short conversation. I ask what kind of house he bought, what he wants taken out, what he wants added in, what kind of flooring he wants down, what kind of paint color he wants the rooms to be, the tiles for the shower, the backsplash for the kitchen, and if he wants a big kitchen with an open floor plan, and everything else that we are required to ask. I forgot how long it's been it probably was two hours that passed with us talking about the renovations and everything he wanted done on the house he bought for his girlfriend. Before we could get any further into detail about the things that she might like in the house, his personal assistant walks in.

"Mr. Perez, sorry for interrupting but you have a lunch meeting in thirty minutes with Mr. Andrews." Carter says.

"Thank you, Carter. Well did you get everything you needed or is there anymore?"

"I did, but before we can proceed with the renovations I have to take pictures and sketch everything so that way when i get the blueprints I can show my workers what needs to be done and everything. Here is my business card, please give me a call when you aren't too busy and we can talk about when i can come and do what I need at the house." I say as I hand him my card.

"I will. Thank you for your time, you must be very busy with a lot of people wanting to renovate a lot of things." he says as he shakes my hand. While our hands are touching something stirs deep down inside me. I look at him closely and I take in every inch of his appearance. He's tall but he couldn't be taller than 6'6", muscles that show through his suit, athletic body, storming grey eyes, gorgeous tan skin that proves he's in the sun a lot, straight white teeth, red kissable lips, and he's wearing an expensive suit with matching shoes, and a very expensive watch.

He lets go of my hand and walks me to his office door to be let out, so he can prepare for his lunch meeting. After I'm out of his office and in the elevator, I push the button for the main floor, and once I feel the elevator move; I lean against the wall and stop the racing thoughts that are flowing through my mind of Mr. Perez. Once the elevator comes to a stop on the main floor I walk the receiptionist desk and thank him for the pass and leave.

After a two hour drive to the venue that our wedding planner Rachel chose that she thinks will be good for all the people who are coming to my wedding. I walk around with Evan and Rachel and not pay attention to what they say about where the receiption will be held, and where the ceremony will be taking place. I look around and see that it's not at all where or what i thought it would be for my wedding.

"What do you think babe?" Evan asks as he walks over to where I'm standing. I take a closer look and see that the venue was gorgeouse, but not where I would throw a wedding ceremony and receiption. I see the place where the receiption will be held and I believe it's not big enough for a floor for dancing, or for dinner tables for all my guest. I see where the ceremony would be held and it's not big enough for all of my guest.

"It's beautiful, but do you really think this is a big enough space for all of our guest that are coming to our wedding?" I ask just taking in everything. Before Evan can say anything, my phone rings with a caller ID that I don't know.

"Hello. This is Emily Grey." I say when I answer.

"Hello, Ms. Grey. This is Axel Perez. I was calling to see if you would like to come and look at the house tomorrow to get everything you need so we can get a move on with renovations?"

"Ah, Mr. Perez. Yes I would love to come and take a look at the house tomorrow to get everything I need. If you would be so kind, can you send me the address so when I leave my office in the morning from grabbing the equipment that I need, I would appreciate it."

"Of course, Ms. Grey. I will get that to you when I can. I will see you tomorrow."

"Alright thank you." Before he could get another word out I end the call, and look at Evan and the look he wears shows that he isn't very pleased with the fact that I'm constantly focusing on work and not helping plan the wedding.

"You have plans to see a client tomorrow, huh?" He asks as the disbelief that is written across his face slowly fades.


"So what do you think of the venue?"

"I like it but I don't think it's big enough and can handle all of our guest. Can we talk about this more at home?"

"I won't be home tonight." he says not looking at me.

"Oh, why not?"

"I have a little photoshoot that won't get done until around eight tonight and after I'm going out with the boys."


I walk away before anything else could be said. I have papers to fill out and documents to sign. I have a lot to do and get ready if we are going to try and get renovations started at the beginning of the week, next week. Once back in my office after another long two hour ride from the venue, I plop into my desk chair and before I could grab a pen my crazy best friend Blaire walks through my office door.

"Hey gorgeous."

"Dear lord woman. How do you manage to sneak past the receiptions desk and get in here? You do realize that my boss is really needing me to focus on this new project that was handed to me on Friday."

"Oh please I can distract you for days."

"No, Blaire. This isn't like any other project. My boss is hoping if we do what this client wants that maybe it will benefit us in the long run."

She stares at me for what feels like forever but its only been five minutes. Finally she just sits and waits for me to talk about this project that my boss desperatly wants me to focus on. Can't say I blame my boss. Axel Perez might just make this work for us if I can do what he pleases, but before anything I need to talk to his girlfriend and see what she likes so that way I can go about the renovations the way they want.

After an hour and a half of doing paperwork and sending emails and calling the crew to make sure that they don't do anything or touch anything while I'm getting everything done and figured out. I look at my best friend and see that she's trying so hard to not fall asleep in the chair in front of my desk.

"Blaire, I swear to god if you fall asleep I'm leaving your ass here and then you could explain yourself to my boss and security." I warn her, and the look on her face tells me that if looks could kill I would be dead.

"Ha ha, you think you are so funny."

I laugh and walk out of my office with my best friend trailing behind me. Once in my car, she grabs my work phone and scrolls through the numbers and when she comes across Axel's name she puts two and two together.

"The project that your boss wants you to focus on is for Axel Perez." she says in complete disbelief.


She actual laughs because she knows how my boss is. I love my job, and I want to keep it; which means I can't piss off my boss. My boss is a pain in the ass, and he doesn't like it when Evan or anyone stops by my office whether it's talking about the wedding, or anything. She tells me as I drive her home that she wants details about everything; even sex details. Yes, sex details because according to my boss we need to do anything that will benefit the company no matter the cost.