The Donor (And Other Stories)The Donor (And Other Stories)

The Donor (And Other Stories)

by Missrealitybites

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Andrew only had 6 months to live. The doctor sentenced him with a brain tumor that had reached the terminal stage. Not wanting to die in vain, he then decided to donate his organs. But he had a condition, he wanted to choose the person who will receive his heart. From several international waiting list patients that matched him, Andrew found a girl who had been in and out of hospital all her life because she was born with some congenital disease and had to get not only a heart, but also a new liver and kidney, all of which matched his. Andrew finally decided to meet the girl and see what she was like. ----------- THANK YOU for reading this very short story. I wanted to make it into a novel but unfortunately, I don't have the time, so I decided to turn it into a one-shot. I will be publishing more novels in English, most of them are quite short, less than 100 chapters and they will be available for free (not contracted). So, if you add this book in your library, I will keep you updated about them. Or you can also just read my contracted novel "THE ALCHEMISTS" because I'll be posting announcements and the title of the free novels there. Talk to me in Instagram @missrealitybites or Discord: missrealitybites#3499

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