4 Shot! shot! Shot! shot! Shot! shot!

Chapter 2- Shot! shot! Shot! shot! Shot! shot!


I may be a little buzzed but I needed this I needed to forget that I was going to be a married woman by Friday to one of the most feared, ruthless leader in the mafia world. I go to the bar and order some more tequila knowing I was going to feel this in the morning I didn't give a shit my life was ending. the bar tinder sits out six shot glasses then fills them up nova comes swaying towards me and holds the counter for balance.

"Shots I see," she slurs then she starts yelling "Shot! shot! Shot! shot! Shot! shot!" I throw my drinks back as she yells. when I'm done doing all the shots I know for sure I was officially past tipsy. "Let's go dance," I yell over the music to nova. She nods in agreement and I take her hand pulling us toward the dance floor when we make it I see to super hot guys I look at nova giving her the look that says you-take-one-I-take-one she nods and we head over.

"Hey," Flirting with him

He has smirk On his face and steps closer and says in my ear "want to dance," I nod and start dancing with him which soon turns to grinding into him.

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All of a sudden I being pulled out of the building Hey I slur I was dancing let go of me I say trying to get my wrist free from his hand but to my dismay, it's not working. I finally see who it is it's Marcello My brother and he doesn't look happy what so ever.

"Dad told you not to go out your lucky it was me who found out you left here drink this Luca ended up coming over earlier than anticipated," he says.

"Merda," I say in Italian (shit)

"Yea now drink this water so you can sober up," he says as we're driving out of the parking lot of the club.

I chug the water through the whole car ride quickly sobering up.

When we get inside go to your room and change your clothes you smell like alcohol and it looks like your gonna leave tonight with Luca and his father tonight so pack he says giving me a sympathetic look.

"Thanks, Cello," I say trying to process all this new information.

When we get home I run upstairs I change into a white thigh-split skirt with a white cropped long sleeve with white open toe heels and I put my hair into a low bun and pull my bangs out. I then clean up my makeup. I pack clothes shoes and other things I will need in two large suitcases. I set them up at the door of my room and walk downstairs to the dining room.

"Glad you could join us," my father says when I walk into the dining room. I walk up to my mom and give her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Walking over to where I usually sit my father stops me on my way saying that I am to sit next to Luca I inwardly tool my eyes. Honestly completely forgot he was even here he's so quiet I turn around to see him he has dark brown hair he has his hairstyled in a way were it swoops back and his sides a cut typical fuckboy hair. He has dark brown eyes. I'm pretty sure he's 6'2 which is tall. and I'm only 5'4 that's extremely short to him. I take my seat next to him not bothering to say anything.

"Natalia say hello to our guest Mr.Lombardi and his son Luca Lombardi," he says.

I look at my father raising an eyebrow at him and he gestures for me to say hello I roll my eyes but say hello Mr. Alessandro Lombardi, and give a curt nod while saying Luca in just acknowledging him.

"Alright, I'm sure your bother has filled you in when he went to your room to get you," My father says cutting into his food

"Yes, I have my bags, packed father," I say about to put a piece of food in my mouth.

"Good," he says

"We will very happy to have you, Natalia I hope you've picked out you're wedding dress for Friday," Alessandro says to me.

"No, I just found out I was getting married wee hours ago so no I have not picked out a wedding dress," I say with a fake smile pointed towards Alessandro. I continue to eat my food while my father looks at me giving me his look. For the rest of dinner, my father and mother talk to Alessandro, while Luca and I have been quiet most of the dinner unless they ask us questions.

"Okay, why don't the adults leave and leave you two can talk and get to know each other we'll leave in an hour and Luca help her with her bags," Alessandro says.

I give a tight lip smile and I hear Luca reply sure.

After they leave Immediately take my phone out to text Nova I might have completely forgot about her.

Natalia: Hey did you get home okay?

Nova: Yea What happened where did you go?

Natalia: Marcello picked me up saying that I had to go because Luca and his father came to pick me up early to live with them. You're going to pick out wedding dresses with me tomorrow right?

Nova: Yes of course and I'm coming over right now I'll be there in about 15 mins cool with you btw not gonna wait for your reply already in the car on the way.

I silently laugh to myself at my best friend. I click my phone off to see Luca just starring at me. I raise an eyebrow at him and "What"

"Watch your tone with me," he says his stone cold no emotions. What a dick I think to myself.

"Do you speak Italian?" he asks I roll my eyes and decide to give him an answer

"Cosa pensi," I say. (what do you think?)

Penso che devi rispettarmi Non prendero mancanza di rispetto he says visibly getting angry. (I think that you need to respect me I will not take disrespect.)

"Stessa," I say (same). Knowing damn well I'm really pushing it here. I think that I would be scared of anyone besides my father but Luca defiantly scares me but of course, he doesn't need to know that.

he quickly gets up and goes outside slamming the door behind him. Sooner than later Nova is here.

"Took you long enough," I say while my voice breaks and I run to her crying into her shoulder

"It's gonna be okay Nat," she says hugging me and rubbing my back to try to calm me down. We walk over to the couch to sit and soon I hear footsteps coming down I wipe my tears and turn to see my brother and mother coming to say goodbye to me.

"Mom I don't want to go," I tell her breaking down in tears again.

"I know sweetie I know," She says hugging me and kissing the top of my head. Next after my mom and I have our moment I hug my brother. Marcello and I are pretty close I love him to death.

"Promise you'll try to visit," I say to him while he wipes my tears.

"I Promise I'll be at your wedding dress shopping tomorrow with mom and Nova," He says giving me a soft smile.

"I love you Cello," I said.

"I love you too lil sis," he says while giving me another hug.

"Can you get my bags Cello the dick stormed out of the house," I say to him.

"Yea of course," he replies back.

"Thanks and now my best friend come and give me a goodbye hug," I say tears running again. she instantly hugs me back we hold on to each other until I hear someone clearing their throat. I turn to see Alessandro.

"We have to get going now Natalia," he says

"Of course," I say.

"I put your bags in the car," cello says.

"Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow and I love you all," I say. I walk out the door and head to the car I sit in the back while Alessandro gets in the front and we were off.

"I hope you'll enjoy our home my wife has been dying to meet you and I'm sorry that you didn't know about the arrangement till today," he says.

"Thank you," I say softly.

"we'll be at the house in about 40 mins why don't you take a nap," he says

I nod my head and lean my head against the window drifting off into the darkness.

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