The Doctor With Thirty-Nine VirusesThe Doctor With Thirty-Nine Viruses

The Doctor With Thirty-Nine Viruses

by BhupendraGanvir

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"Yes.....Yes..... " OH!!! Jesus!!! I can't believe I create it "Crystal..........I really create it " Charles cried out, he was like a baby who had just finished his math assignment after a long time. (Congratulations Boss, you get succeed to make a genetic virus ) "Now just see Crystal, how I punish that criminals " Charles declared while twisting his fist. AT Barry's HOME : "Barry let's clear this topic now, will you or will you not, marry me? " April yelled, she was carrying a stick in her hand and was frightening Barry. "Yes.....Yes, I will marry you April I will definitely marry you but after -" "After what?" "After catching that mysterious guy " He confessed. AT POLICE STATION : "Sir, I think I get the leading evidence...." Barry said while showing The chef a bunch of papers. "What?" Chef groaned. "I think the man who is punishing the criminals is a professional.........'

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