You Are The First

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Ye Chen was in mid-air. He knew the difference between them and did not hesitate to communicate with the Samsara Graveyard.

Three old figures appeared.

They could sense that something had happened to Ye Chen outside.

"Masters, who can lend me a hand?"

Duan Leiren sighed.

"I'm a little special. I can't leave the Samsara Graveyard without the Archaic Illusory Reality Pill. Please don't blame me, my disciple."

"I'm not bothered about that person outside," Lin Qingxuan said lightly, "And I don't care to make a move." Don't look at me."

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Qingxuan disappeared!

How irresponsible!

Ye Chen's gaze could only fall on the Immortal Lord.

He had no idea how powerful the Immortal Lord was.

He had only heard from Duan Leiren that the other party was proficient in alchemy, weapon refinement, and so on. He was considered a genius from ancient times.