"Brat, do you know the consequences of offending the Blood Alliance? There are so many people who witnessed what you just did. If you attack us again, the Blood Alliance will definitely hunt you down for the rest of your life!"

The Blood Alliance expert who was approaching Ye Chen seemed to gain confidence..

However, seeing this, Ye Chen's aura exploded as he infused his vocal cords with true qi, causing his voice to linger in the air.

"Blood Alliance? I've never been afraid of them! So what if I offend them! Remember, my name is Ye Shitian!"

"From today onward, I, Ye Shitian, will kill every member of the Blood Alliance I see!"

"Death to the Blood Alliance!"

His cold voice rang out, shocking everyone.

Of course, the name Ye Shitian was a random name that Ye Chen had just come up with. He felt that it sounded a little domineering, so he used it at the last minute.