Ye Chen’s Attitude!

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Zhao Jun froze on the spot when he heard the voice. 

He knew very well whose voice it belonged to.

Half a year ago, he had to hear it almost every day in his office.

This was Shen Haihua's voice.

The founder of North Name Corporation!

The indisputable existence in the entire North Name Corporation! 

However, after being diagnosed with a terminal disease, Shen Haihua stopped appearing in the office.

All the directors in the corporation seemed to think that North Name Corporation would lapse into an inheritance war and the position of the president might go to Shen Haihua's children.

As for Zhao Jun's own post as CFO, he owed it to his father! 

When everyone started to panic in the corporation, his father—in order to obtain more shares in the corporation—pushed Zhao Jun to the front line.

Zhao Jun was aware that he could never have gotten the position on his own.