Who Is Hunting Who?

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In an instant, the bloody fog transformed into a blood-red river. The violent power crushed the endless lightning!


A deafening sound rang out as the black clouds scattered, and the giant lightning formation shattered!

Bang! Bang!

The backlash killed more than fifty origin king realm cultivators instantly, and the fifteen Daoyuan realm cultivators from the Han family spat out blood continuously, and two or three of the lower-level Daoyuan realm cultivators died.

Then, the slaves charged into the crowd. The strongest of these Han family Daoyuan realm cultivators was only the seventh level of the Daoyuan realm, so how could they withstand the attacks of the slaves?

They immediately retreated!

"Old man!"

"Old b*stard!"

Huang Wuqiang and Huang Zhantian charged at Han Daoshan. They unleashed their Daos, determined to kill him.