Who Do You Think You Are?

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Once she made all the necessary arrangements, Sun Yi walked out and opened a Beetle's driver seat door, getting into the car.

Just as she was about to drive off, the door to the passenger's seat was suddenly opened, and Ye Chen jumped in.

Ye Chen had followed her in because he had noticed a black fog tinged with blood red on Sun Yi's glabella!

That was a premonition of extreme danger in the near future!

Be it for her assistance just now or the incident five years ago, he could not allow Sun Yi to come to any harm!

Sun Yi looked at Ye Chen sitting in the passenger seat. After her initial surprise, she said with a smile, "What are you doing, young man? Are you trying to thank me? To be honest, I had the situation clarified to me beforehand, and it was clearly the guards' fault in the first place. You don't have to thank me. Oh yeah, why do you want to meet Xia Ruoxue so badly? I hope it's not because you want to recommend her a beauty product formula."

She said that because a man dressed similarly to Ye Chen had approached the Magnificent Group a while back, claiming that he had a secret formula for a beauty product that would drastically improve the Magnificent Group's presence in the market. In the end, security had tossed him out on his behind.

These days, more of these backwater doctors were coming to the city for this very reason.

Ye Chen looked at Sun Yi and realized just how much the girl had changed. Back when they were studying, he used to tease her for her flat chest all the time, and he even made her cry once. Now, however, her voluptuous figure was completely different from before.

"Did you get into my car to promote this formula as well?" Sun Yi noticed that Ye Chen was looking at her chest, but she did not lose her temper. In fact, she even stuck out her chest slightly. For some reason, she felt inexplicably friendly towards this young man.

Perhaps it was because he looked so much like her dearly departed classmate.

Ye Chen woke from his trance, but he could not tell her about the mission the old geezer had entrusted to her, so he made up an excuse on the spot. "Welp, you caught me! I'm very confident in my formula, and I guarantee that it can improve your figure as well as your looks."

Upon his return, he was most confident not in the results of his cultivation, but in his medical skills, which were good enough to steal a life from the very jaws of death!

He could casually toss out a simple alchemy formula for a beautifying pill, and he was certain that every beauty product manufacturer in the world would fall over themselves to catch it!

Sun Yi rolled her eyes at Ye Chen and started up her car, driving toward the Grand Dragon Lake Hotel.

"If you're really all that, it just so happens that I'm going to a gathering right now, so why don't I have you shield me from all the invitations to drink tonight, as punishment? How's that sound? Oh, and I haven't introduced myself. My name is Sun Yi, and I'm the Marketing Director for the Magnificent Group."

Sun Yi kept one hand on the steering wheel as she stretched the other toward Ye Chen.

When their hands were clasped, Ye Chen could feel how extraordinarily soft and warm hers was.

"My name is Ye… Ye Cheng. Cheng, as spelling is C H E N G."

Since she had not recognized him, Ye Chen did not intend to tell her more. If Sun Yi found out that he had survived after all, all it would do was give her a nasty shock.

Ye Chen had noticed the way Sun Yi's body stiffened when he said his name. She only heaved a long sigh of relief when she heard his following elaboration.

"What a coincidence. Your name is quite similar to that of my former classmate, and I nearly mistook you for him…"


Twenty minutes later.

In the Grand Dragon Lake Hotel's Imperial Banquet Hall. 

The moment Sun Yi and Ye Chen appeared, everyone's gazes instantly shifted toward them.

Sun Yi's figure was simply too eye-catching. She was almost 170 cm tall, and she had a pair of extremely attractive long legs, her sense of fashion completely at odds with that of Ye Chen next to her.

No one had expected Director Sun of the Magnificent Group to bring such a person to the gathering.

Sun Yi led Ye Chen to the round glass table at the very center. There were already seven or eight others seated there, and they were all men.

Their gazes on Sun Yi were burning with passion, as though they wanted nothing more than to throw themselves onto Sun Yi right now.

"You're finally here, Director Sun. Truly, none of the rumors do you justice. I'm the founder of the Cloud Born Group, Guo Haidong."

"Director Sun, my name is Qian Yong, and my family owns the Sea Surge Hotel…"

The men who stood up and introduced themselves were especially enthusiastic, clearly because they wanted to show off to Sun Yi.

Ye Chen was not interested in such a gathering. His eyes scanned their surroundings as he tried to figure out what was threatening Sun Yi's safety.

Soon enough, the banquet began.

Be it by coincidence or on purpose, the men at Sun Yi's table kept finding excuses to toast to Sun Yi. On the other hand, Sun Yi was clearly familiar with such a drinking culture, and she diverted their attempts with ease. After an entire round of exchanges, she managed to limit her alcohol intake to a small glass of red wine.

Ye Chen tried to take her wine for her several times, but he was rejected each time. After all, at a banquet like this, Sun Yi represented the entire Magnificent Group, so she wanted to avoid any conflict.

It was only when that man at the main table not far away stood up that the entire atmosphere of the banquet changed abruptly!

The man was dressed in a bespoke suit and held two glasses of wine in his hands, his expression full of arrogance!

When Sun Yi saw that man approaching, she immediately began to panic. Her body even shook slightly.

Why was this guy here?!

"Miss Sun, it was quite rude of you to leave without a word last time, and I was quite offended. Don't you think you owe me, Chen Feng, a toast in lieu of an apology?"

As soon as Chen Feng approached them, he issued a command rather than a request!

The last time, he had broken the bank to invite Sun Yi out, and He even added aphrodisiacs to the wine!

However, contrary to his expectations, Sun Yi had sensed something amiss with the wine and splashed it all over his face!

That incident quickly made its way all over the grapevine over the past few days, adding insult to injury!

Sun Yi was a little ill at ease, and she hurriedly said, "Young Master Chen, I'm so sorry but I drove here, so I really shouldn't drink so much. Instead of wine, shall I give you a toast with tea as an apology?"

Chen Feng harrumphed coldly and downed one of the glasses of wine. "Save me your sorry excuses! I've booked a Presidential Suite upstairs, so if you're drunk, Miss Sun, feel free to stay the night upstairs."

The men at Sun Yi's table naturally knew who Chen Feng was, and they did not say a word, quietly enjoying the spectacle.

After all, this man was the second young master of River City's Chen family, so who could afford to offend him?

Someone even encouraged her, saying, "Director Sun, you should consider it an honor that Young Master Chen is offering you a toast. Just drink it already! If you don't, Young Master Chen might lose his temper, and no one would like that."

"That's right, Director Sun. It's just a glass of wine, so what's the worst that could happen? There are so many of us here, so it's not like Young Master Chen would eat you alive."

Sun Yi hesitated as she looked at the red wine Chen Feng was offering her. If there was something wrong with the wine, there was a real chance that she would not be able to leave the Grand Dragon Lake Hotel today.

Everyone in River City knew what Chen Feng was like! As long as a woman caught his fancy, he would stop at nothing to have her, even if she was a middle schooler!

There was no way she could accept wine from scum like that.

Seeing as Sun Yi still refused to take the wine from him, Chen Feng was both embarrassed and furious, and he dropped the facade altogether. "Stupid b*tch, do you really think you're all that? F*ck you, don't act all holy in front of me! No matter how much you don't f*cking wanna drink this today, you gonna drink it anyway! Even if your brave protector Xia Ruoxue was here instead, nothing would change! This is River City, my f*cking turf! Do you hear me?!"

The atmosphere changed completely!

Sun Yi just stood there all alone, motionless, as her eyes began to redden.

She had been born in a normal family, and she had given up on her studies prematurely, entering the workforce instead. After all that effort, she finally became a director at the Magnificent Group, and to outsiders, she had already made it big.

However, she could not do anything in the face of River City's true royalty!

She was powerless, as insignificant as an ant to these people!

She even hated that she was a woman!

Slowly, she raised her hand and reached it toward that glass of wine.

To those watching, it seemed as though Sun Yi had given in to her fate.

Chen Feng even smiled triumphantly, imagining what would happen between himself and Sun Yi tonight.

The moment Sun Yi's finger was about to touch the glass, an ice-cold voice said,

"Who do you think you are,  dare to force her to drink?!"