After giving out the order, Ye Lingtian was still unable to feel at ease. He squinted his eyes and pressed a button that was on his desk.

The door opened and a skinny man walked in.

"Prepare the helicopter, I'm going to River City tonight," Ye Lingtian said in a cold voice.


Grand City Apartments, River City.

Sun Yi could feel that the intruders were searching for something in the apartment.

She could only hide under the bed and cover her mouth tightly, making sure that she did not make a sound.

Soon enough, she heard footsteps outside the bedroom door. She felt as though her heart was hanging in mid-air!

"That woman should be inside, break open the door!"

"Yes, sir!"

Bang! A loud banging sound was heard, and it was from outside the room. The whole room seemed to shake a bit.