What Is He Doing Here?

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Every gaze shot toward the entrance in surprise. 

They were petrified and confused as they stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen of the Medical God sect?

A declining medical sect actually dared to participate in a martial arts competition between martial sects?

More importantly, Ye Chen was that good-for-nothing who had been kicked off the arena a few years ago, right?

He actually showed up again? Had he not learnt his lesson?

"Is that young man really the same fool from a few years ago? The guy that Jiang Huai of the Cyan Phoenix Sect kicked off the arena?"

Someone finally reacted and exclaimed.

In their eyes, it was already unbelievable that an ant like Ye Chen had survived for so many years, let alone come to the competition again.

This was a competition between the geniuses in the Kunlun Mountains. The people gathered here were all top-notch geniuses. Since when was a piece of trash like him qualified to participate?