Wei Ying (Part 1)

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At this moment, Ye Chen's phone rang in his pocket. He glanced at it and realized that the caller was Xiang Chengdong.

He must have gotten off the plane.

"Mr. Ye, I've already arrived at the hotel," Xiang Chengdong said when the call went through.

Ye Chen's eyes narrowed and he replied, "Come to Capital City University to meet me."


Xiang Chengdong did not dare to say no.

The call ended immediately.

After that, Ye Chen did not hesitate, and rushed straight toward the remaining two formation cores. No matter what, this formation had to be destroyed.

More explosions rang out.

Five minutes later, the expressions of the elders in the stone room in the Ghost Prison had turned ugly, as the formation had been completely destroyed.

Their entire year of hard work had gone up in smoke.