On an unknown island off Huaxia's coastline, a group of people from the Martial Emperor Society stood on the deck of the abandoned cruise ship and looked at the sea in the horizon. 

Each of them had a sharp sword hanging from their waists.

"I originally thought Huaxia's Dragon Soul was very strong. I didn't expect them to be so weak! Hahaha!"

"Gui Tian, it's not that they are weak, but rather that we are too strong! We are Lord Beiye's capable generals. Forget about Huaxia's Dragon Soul, even if those trashy people from Huaxia's ancient martial arts world came looking for us, the result would still be the same!"

"Lord Beiye's holy light shines upon us! Our Martial Emperor Society will eventually conquer the world!"

"After we deal with these Dragon Soul soldiers, we'll sneak into Huaxia and kidnap that brat Ye Chen! That being said, I don't know why Lord Beiye wants to see this person…"