Using Talismans? In Front Of Me?

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Moreover, his daughter was in critical condition. He had to kill Ye Chen himself to ease the hatred in his heart!

Even though he had lost an arm, he believed that he would be able to overpower this kid. When Ye Chen attacked, he realized that Ye Chen was only a qi transformation realm martial artist.

The latter had not even reached the unity realm!

What was there to be afraid of?

Without the secret technique, this kid was just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered!

"F*cking die!"

Elder Bai formed a hand seal with his fingers, and a crimson red ancient rune appeared in his palm. 

The rune spun and condensed a palm imprint, which then came flying toward Ye Chen. Ye Chen naturally noticed this attack, and snorted coldly.

"I was just about to look for you. Since you've shown up, it's time to send you to hell!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Chen threw a punch, and the palm print shattered!