Until We Meet Again

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Ye Chen looked at Li Xuanjun and shook his head helplessly. Then, he pointed his finger at the latter's forehead.

Chen Tianli's power was still there, and his cultivation level was far higher than Li Xuanjun's. Naturally, he could seize Li Xuanjun's memories.

The moment his finger touched Li Xuanjun's forehead, a purple stream of energy was absorbed by Ye Chen, and countless images flashed through his mind!

Li Xuanjun, on the other hand, was in so much pain that he wished he was dead. It felt as if his soul and memories were being forcefully extracted!

He suddenly realized that his mind was blank!

His eyes were bloodshot. There was actually such a technique in this world?

Who exactly was this Huaxia kid?


Li Xuanjun was about to say something when Ye Chen removed his finger. His eyes shone with a dazzling cold gleam.

Then, his five fingers grabbed Li Xuanjun's head, and…