"Little b*stard, die!"

With a furious roar, Fang Zhongxin's aura skyrocketed, and wind started to gather around his body…

His arms spread out, seemingly gathering the power of the wind.

"This... This is Grandmaster Fang's ultimate skill, Headwind Slash, which he had obtained overseas!"

"He's actually using it to deal with this brat. It seems like he's really angry!"

"Last time, he used this skill to kill three experts!"

"That arrogant brat is dead meat!"

Fang Zhongxin laughed, as he waved his arms violently, causing a sharp wind blade to fly toward Ye Chen!

Lei Shuwei frowned.

"Back then, the manual for this martial technique was auctioned for 2 billion yuan overseas. It was considered a top-notch martial technique. I didn't expect Fang Zhongxin to have obtained it."