Ye Chen handed the box to Ye Lingtian. He said, "Lingtian, this item was left behind by your father. If he placed it next to the Nine Nether Sky Spear, it definitely isn't ordinary. Open it yourself."

Naturally, Ye Lingtian saw the words on the box. He took the box and opened it.

This time, there was no light, and everything remained extremely quiet.

When the box was completely opened, he discovered that there was actually a drop of blood essence floating in the box, which felt ice-cold.

Ye Lingtian could not understand his father's intentions for this.

What was the use of this blood essence?

Also, why was this blood essence still so fresh, as if it had just been extracted from a human body?

Ye Chen was not sure either. Just as he was about to communicate with Mo Ning in the Samsara Graveyard, he noticed a jade pendant hanging beside Ye Lingtian flickering with a strange light.