Their Priceless Treasure! A Fake!

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Sun Yi never thought Ye Chen would decline!

That was an invitation from Xia Ruoxue!

Aside from the fact that Xia Ruoxue was the president of the Magnificent Group, she was also the daughter of Jiangnan's Xia family!

More importantly, she was one of Jiangnan Province's Three Beauties!

Countless young masters from all the big families wanted to meet her, but they could not!

Now Xia Ruoxue was giving this guy a chance, and he actually declined it?

He did not even seem to consider it at all!

Did he have to be so decisive about it?

You beat up the security and roared about meeting Xia Ruoxue earlier, right?

So why have you changed so drastically today?

Pearl River Villas.

This housing area was at the center of the River City's Pearl River New City. It was one of the rare few high-quality, low-density, personalized villa neighborhoods in River City.