Sword Qi Materialization

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"You are Bai Lixiong's daughter?"

A middle-aged man in uniform spoke with a hint of coldness in his tone.

He had no intention of hiding his killing intent.

Bai Libing's hair was a little messy, and she had deliberately smeared a few layers of black face paint on his face to hide her presence while she was traveling through the mountain range.

It was only now, when they looked closely, that they recognized her.

Bai Libing and Zhu Ya were not stupid, and immediately knew that the situation was troublesome once they sensed the killing intent.

Bai Libing had thought that her father's name would give her clear entry into the depths of Qinling Mountains, but it seemed that the opposite was true.

Zheng Renjue's men actually had murderous intentions!

Could it be that the Huaxia Martial Arts Department was hunting down her father? Otherwise, why would this group of people display their killing intent toward her?