When Zhu Ya heard this, she thought of something. The Feng family? Bai Libing would have to respect this lady?

She instantly guessed the identity of the girl in front of her!

If that was the case, she really could not afford to offend her.

Feng Rong saw the fear in Zhu Ya's eyes and said arrogantly, "Hmph! You should have guessed my identity. This Ye Chen doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth and wants to fight Lin Juelong in the martial arts arena. Do you think he has a chance of survival? I advise you to find another man. With your looks, you can choose from any young master in the capital."

Upon hearing this, Zhu Ya's eyes were filled with determination as she said word by word, "From my perspective, it is impossible for Mr. Ye to lose. Also, even if you are a member of the Feng family, you are not qualified to make decisions for me!"

"If you stop me from leaving again, I will…"