Serious Situation!

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Jin Lengyan received the call and arrived at the alley very quickly.

When she saw the three cold corpses, her face turned extremely pale.

She almost stopped breathing.

The one who had died here was none other than the third young master of the Jiang family!

This matter was too big, so big that the entire River City might experience an upheaval!

This would not be an ordinary upheaval either. A single person could not withstand it alone!

Jin Lengyan squatted down and examined the injuries on Jiang Wenlin's corpse. She frowned.

The methods of the killer were too brutal. It was simply akin to torture. If the Jiang family found out about this, they would definitely be furious!

"Jin Qian, tell me everything that happened just now. Tell me every single detail. Don't leave anything out!"

Jin Lengyan's tone was extremely serious.

"Yes, miss! Just now, Mr. Ye came to this alley..."