Mo Ning quietly went over to Lin Qingxuan's side and asked curiously, "Senior Lin, could it be that a mighty expert is about to emerge? Do you know who it is?"

Lin Qingxuan narrowed his eyes and did not speak. Instead, he reached out and touched the tombstone.

Suddenly, the tombstone shook violently, and shone with golden light.

The golden light actually turned into a fist imprint, which flew toward Lin Qingxuan.

Lin Qingxuan loosened his grip and shook his head.

He took three steps back before the golden light dissipated. Then, he said to Mo Ning, "In that era, who dared to say that they would not die? Who dared to say that they would not lose? Who dared to defy the heavens with their fists!"

Upon hearing this, Mo Ning's eyes widened. She finally understood who was inside the tombstone!

She had not expected this person to appear at this point.

"With the appearance of this mighty expert, will the tomb master…"