After all, Ye Chen looked a little disheveled now. Taking a shower was naturally the first thing he had to do.

Ye Chen considered his appearance, nodded, and then got into the car.

As for Jiang Dao Mountain's destruction, it was none of his business where the Huaxia guardians would go next. He believed that Bao Peimin would be able to handle it.

After arriving at the hotel, Jordan took a quick shower and changed into the custom-made casual wear that Li Jiacheng had asked the butler to prepare.

Li Jiacheng had planned to host a banquet for Ye Chen, but was rejected. When Ye Chen took out his phone that was turned off, he discovered that he had countless text messages and missed calls.

Just as he was about to click on one of the messages, someone called.

It was Ye Lingtian!

Ye Chen frowned and was about to say something when Ye Lingtian said anxiously, "Hall Master, the call has finally gone through! Hall Master, I deserve to be punished!"