Ye Chen waved his hand and headed down the mountain. The black-robed old man in the Samsara Graveyard did not have much time left, so he had to return to Jiangnan Province quickly.

After that, he would enter seclusion for ten days to inherit the black-robed old man's Slaughter Dao. He believed that after he did, he would finally be able to go to Capital City.

Master Jingdao watched Ye Chen's departing figure and shook his head helplessly. The door closed again. Who knew how long it would remain shut this time.

If it opened again, it would likely be to help Ye Chen once more.

Master Jingdao returned to the cultivation room and placed the box Ye Chen had given him on the table. He was about to continue cultivating when suddenly, for some reason, he became interested in Ye Chen's box.

"This kid wouldn't give me some ginseng, right?"