Jiang Jianfeng took a step forward and pointed at Jiang Fenghua.

"If you spout another word of your nonsense, I'll cripple you!"

Jiang Fenghua did not say anything else. He was still wary of Jiang Jianfeng.

Jiang Rong looked at the old woman and said seriously, "I know that the old man is inside. He would have definitely told you the conditions required for me to enter the Jiang family."

The old woman narrowed her eyes and nodded. 

"If you want to return, as long as you can withstand three moves, we won't stop you. The old master is waiting for you inside."

Jiang Jianfeng was stunned and quickly said, "Teacher, I might not be able to withstand three moves from you, let alone her! You're making things difficult for us!"

Jiang Jianfeng knew very well that although the old woman was not on Huaxia's grandmaster ranking, she was definitely stronger than him.

Jiang Rong might not be able to withstand one move!