Qi Transformation Realm

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It seemed that the martial arts world was not simple either. Without Luo Yuntian's help, although Yuan Jingfu would not be able to kill him, he would not have been able to kill the latter either. 

As Yuan Jingfu was in the top 400 of the grandmaster rankings, it meant that there were at least 400 grandmasters in Huaxia who were stronger than him. Furthermore, each one was stronger than the last.

While Ye Chen was deep in thought, Luo Yuntian's voice suddenly rang out, "I still have two hours. Within these two hours, I'll try my best to teach you everything I know. How much you can comprehend will depend on your luck and efforts. Close your eyes and circulate your true qi to its limit."


Ye Chen sat cross-legged and suddenly thought of something. He took out the two third-grade seven-pattern pills he had refined previously. After consuming them, he quickly circulated the Nine Heaven Arcane Sun technique, as a golden aura seeped out of his body.