"Ye Chen, also, don't expect the Mo family to give you a spot. Although I want to help you, Father has already made his decision. The only thing I managed to fight for was for Ye Lingtian to follow me into the Blood Spirit Secret Realm."

"That's also the main reason why I came looking for you. If you agree, I'll take care of Ye Lingtian, but if you decline, I won't interfere."

Ye Lingtian heard Mo Ning's words and said to Ye Chen, "Hall Master, I'll go wherever you go! This is the mission the family has entrusted me with!"

Ye Chen smiled and instructed, "Lingtian, this time, you'll follow the Mo family in. As for me, don't worry. We'll naturally meet inside. There are many opportunities in the Blood Spirit Secret Realm that will benefit you."

"But Hall Master, you…"

"No buts. Do as I say. Just treat it as seeking some opportunities to strengthen yourself for my sake inside," Ye Chen said.