The crisp sound of bones breaking could be heard clearly. Ye Chen's move, which combined the blood dragon and his true qi, could not be blocked so easily.

During his ten days of seclusion with the black-robed old man, this was the move he had honed, and he had used it tens of thousands of times in the Samsara Graveyard!

Although the black-robed old man had blocked his attacks every time, that was because the old man was an ancient mighty expert!

How could this piece of trash from Xuemei Palace compare to the black-robed old man?

From the moment he stepped into this place, his fate was sealed!


The young man's body crashed into the wall, even creating an indent in it. When his body hit the ground, he spat out mouthfuls of blood.

The powerful vibration startled the teachers living in the apartments.

Unable to resist, he slammed his palm onto the ground, jumped up, and then threw out two beads.