"Arrogant and ignorant! You're still trying to be brave when you're about to die!"

Lin Juelong's expression turned ferocious when he saw Ye Chen closing his eyes. Was this piece of trash looking down on him now?

He was courting death!

"Kneel down!"

Lin Juelong did not wait any longer. With a roar, he pounced on Ye Chen!

He would make Ye Chen regret his arrogance and ignorance today!

Behind him, an illusory blood tiger condensed, and the tiger's roar resounded.

Usually, when an expert cultivated a powerful technique, or a unique aura, they would form an illusory phantom that belonged to them.

The old man from the Broken Soul Sect had an illusory giant snake, while Lin Juelong had a blood tiger.

This illusory phantom could strengthen and intimidate others.

However, all of these phantoms were nothing but ants in front of Ye Chen's blood dragon!