Learning Alchemy (Part 2)

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"The immortal flames in your body can fuse with everything and never be extinguished. Not only can it be used in battle, but it can also be used in alchemy!"

"The most important thing in the path of alchemy is fire! Controlling the fire is equivalent to controlling the cauldron! Controlling the cauldron is equivalent to controlling the pill!"

"Now, use your immortal flames to control these 49 cauldrons!"

"I will prepare the medicinal herbs for you. Within two days, you must refine all 49 cauldrons at the same time!"

Ye Chen's face turned pale when he heard this.

Controlling all 49 at the same time?

Was he crazy?

He was very clear about his own abilities. He might be able to control two of them, but forty-nine of them, whether it was in terms of true qi or flames…

He did not have enough of either to accomplish this feat!

"Master, are you sure you're not joking?" Ye Chen grinned.