At that moment, countless gazes fell on Ye Chen as they waited for his reply. From everyone's perspective, this was a no-brainer!

A few seconds later, Ye Chen smiled.

"I'm not interested in your invitation! Also, Xue Fenghua is my prey. If you continue to protect him, I will kill you as well!"

What the hell?

The moment these words were uttered, everyone gasped in shock.

They stared at Ye Chen as if they had seen a ghost!

Shen Shixi's mouth twitched, and he almost vomited blood.

What was his master doing?

Although he had the Myriad Daos Swordmaster and the Myriad Sword sect backing him, this was Yibao Pavilion's territory. One wrong step, and the consequences would be unimaginable!

For so many years, no one had dared to cause trouble in Yibao Pavilion!

Even the way Young Miss Ji looked at Ye Chen changed, and she briefly wondered if he was suicidal.