Ye Chen did not think too much about it but the tremors from the Samsara Graveyard were getting stronger and stronger.

Could it be that the ancient might expert from the third tombstone was somehow related to Lin Qingxuan?

Could it be him?

When Ye Chen first entered the Medical God Sect, the old man had told him about the history of the sect.

The Medical God sect existed in ancient times and was created by the spiritual consciousness of the Divine Doctor, Lin Qingxuan.

Because it was only a spiritual consciousness, it only retained a portion of the medical skills of the Divine Doctor. However, even that portion had allowed the Medical God sect to achieve glory for a thousand years.

Back then, the Kunlun Mountains were completely different from now,

Now, martial arts were revered. Back then, the Divine Doctor even suppressed martial arts. The Medical God sect was one of the top three sects in the Kunlun Mountains!