Is It Not A Little Too Late?

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The Xu family elder was stunned.

Actually, any expert from the Kunlun Mountains would not be able to remain calm if they saw this scene. However, the surprise was not over yet. The cat that was hovering in front of him suddenly swung its paw, claws outstretched.

Each claw bristled with red lightning!

The paw looked so tiny and weak that the elder did not even react. Then…


The hand he extended was actually torn apart by the cat, right down to the bones!

"First-level origin king realm cultivators are a bit trashy, it seems."

Little Gold spat out these words lightly. Then, its claws that were like steel knives actually grew larger and larger. 

The Xu family elder felt a chill run down his spine as cold sweat drenched his entire body!

He was almost 100% sure that the cat in front of him was an ancient beast, There was no way an ordinary spiritual beast could unleash such terrifying combat strength.