Ye Chen could see the passion in Ying Qing's eyes and said, "You seem to be very interested in this thing…"

Ying Qing swallowed his saliva and said in a serious tone, "Ye Chen, how many of these pills do you have? If you give them to us, we're willing to..."

Ye Chen snorted coldly and interrupted the other party. "Hand them over? These are mine, why should I give them to you! If the person behind you really wants these, then do what you promised me first! After that, you can get the decision-maker behind you to speak to me personally!"

With that, Ye Chen walked toward the door that led downstairs.

Looking at Ye Chen's departing figure, Ying Qing felt a little helpless.

He wanted the decision-maker behind the unit to talk to him personally?

Who did he think he was?

What right did he have to make 'that person' take the initiative to speak to him?

Ye Chen was simply too arrogant.