Ye Chen looked at the Core Tower with a grave expression.

He could sense danger from the Core Tower, and anyone who got close to it without permission would die without a doubt.

However, this time, even if it was for the sake of the Samsara Graveyard, he had to go.

Duan Huai An saw the hesitation in Ye Chen's eyes and said, "Disciple, it's very difficult to enter Danxu Town. We should follow our hearts. After all, it'll be very difficult for us to come here again."

"Master, I want to go to the Core Tower to look for someone," Ye Chen said seriously."

When Duan Huai An heard this, his expression turned odd.

He knew Ye Chen better than anyone else. He had brought Ye Chen into the Kunlun Mountains from Huaxia. Based on Ye Chen's identity and status, it was obvious that he should not know any existence in the Core Tower.

He wanted to ask something, but in the end, he said nothing.