I, Ye Chen, Will Drag Him Down to Hell Myself!

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Nobody knew how Sun Yi felt at that moment!

Perhaps she felt like her heart had been swept by stormy waves.

Strictly speaking, it should not have been possible for him to show up there.

This was because he had nothing to do with the Ye family who had been wiped out five years ago!

However, there he was, right before her eyes.

"Ye Cheng... Ye Chen... I should've known..."

After murmuring to herself, it hit her and tears began falling uncontrollably!

Sun Yi was then sure that the man in front of her was none other than Ye Chen! He was the guy who went missing five years ago, the guy whom everybody thought was dead although his body was never found.

The guy who had once saved her life was not dead! He was still alive and well!

During their stay together, Sun Yi had actually doubted him before.