I Can Save Her (Part 1)

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"Get up. Although this was just a sparring session, I didn't hold back too much. You are pretty strong," Ye Chen praised.

He took out a pill and handed it to Ye Lingtian. 

"You should feel better after taking this pill."

"Thank you, Hall Master."

Ye Lingtian took the pill and consumed it immediately, after which he could feel his injuries recovering, and his strength increasing. 

Just as he was about to speak, Ye Chen said, "Give me a pen and paper, and arrange for a quiet place. I'll give you something good."

Ye Lingtian's eyes lit up and he quickly said, "Yes, Hall Master."

Ye Chen honestly cared more about Ye Lingtian than Wu Xiangming. After all, the former was the leader of an entire faction. The stronger Ye Lingtian was, the more terrifying the element of surprise would be when he and his forces made their appearance!