I Can Let You Live! But I Can Take Back Your Life Too!

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After Shen Haihua left, He Qian jerked awake from her trance and tugged at Zhao Jun's hand. "Jun, what should we do…"

He Qian's voice was so coquettish Zhao Jun could not stand it anymore. He raised a hand and gave He Qian a cold, hard slap!

"It's all your fault, BI-TCH! You're the reason I lost everything! How dare you ask me what's next? Do you want to die? Dig a hole and bury yourself!" 

As though it was not enough, Zhao Jun landed a kick on He Qian!

"I'm telling you, He Qian. You better keep your condescending eyes to yourself! No one will be able to save you next! Get the f*ck outta here!" 

He Qian's face was as pale as paper. Her eyes had lost their former gleam.

She knew there would no longer be a future with Zhao Jun. 

She assumed that all of Zhao Jun's gifts in the form of sports cars and houses would be taken back too.