Heaven Breaching Valley

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"Master, the five of us can help you stall Huang Wuqiang and his three eight-level Daoyuan realm subordinates!"

"After you finish dealing with the others, you can subdue the four of them!"

"How many people are there and what are their cultivation levels?" Ye Chen asked after some thought.

Huang Zhantian explained, "Huang Wuqiang is a ninth-level Daoyuan realm cultivator who once fought with me for the position of the next family head. He was defeated by me and is slightly weaker than me, so he shouldn't be able to withstand a single strike from you, Master!"

"Aside from him, there are three eighth-level, five seventh-level, and ten sixth to first-level Daoyuan realm cultivators."

"The remaining twenty-one are all origin king realm cultivators."

Ye Chen listened to Huang Zhantian describe the situation over there.