Just as Sun Yi was feeling distressed, a familiar figure appeared within her field of vision. 

"Ye Chen, I'm here!"

Ye Chen?

The few rich kids were stunned and subconsciously turned to look at who she was talking to. When they saw Ye Chen walking toward them, their faces turned pale. They stood rooted to the ground and did not dare to move!

It was actually that fiend!

They had witnessed the scene of Wu Xiangming kneeling in front of Ye Chen, which was why they had left that section of the villa and come to this remote corner instead, but this fellow had now come running here instead!

When Ye Chen reached Sun Yi, they finally regained their senses. Their faces were full of smiles as they imitated Wu Xiangming and shouted, "Hello, Mr. Ye, I'm..."

"Get lost," Ye Chen said calmly.


They dispersed themselves into the crowd as fast as they could. In just five seconds, not even their figures could be seen.