A green light circulated around his fingertips. Behind him, there was a vague shadow of a Cyan Phoenix. Waves of harmonious cries were heard. "Since you're in such a hurry to go to hell, I'll kill you today. Remember, my name is Feng Xuan! When you reach hell, don't forget the name of the person who killed you!"

"Go to hell!"

He struck out with his palm. His true qi burst forth and gathered in midair to form a palm imprint that contained immense power.

Even a late-stage Daoyuan realm cultivator would find it difficult to block this palm strike!


Duan Huai An leapt forward and stood in front of Old Xue. He moved his hands and performed a seal, his blood energy condensing into a blood-colored saber, which expanded rapidly until it was more than ten feet long. 

The saber hovered in front of Duan Huai An and Old Xue, pulsing with a violent aura.