"I just wanted to see how trashy you were, though it seems that further observation is pointless."

Ye Chen then moved, leaving behind an afterimage as he charged straight toward Chen Baoguo.

His cold killing intent erupted!

Chen Baoguo sneered and also threw a punch, which contained so much power that it ripped his sleeve apart!

"Grandmaster Chen is too awesome!"

"That kid actually dares to fight head-on with Grandmaster Chen! How stupid!" 

"The Ye family is about to lose their only descendant. It's finally time for this useless family to be eradicated, haha!"

The crowd was in a heated discussion as they watched the two approach each other.

Below the stage, Ying Qing was watching the fight closely. As long as something happened to Ye Chen, he would definitely intervene to save Ye Chen at all costs!

Ye Lingtian also quietly unleashed his aura, which covered the small area around him.