"Myriad Origins Sword! Break!"

Ye Chen gritted his teeth and roared with a ferocious expression.

He took a violent step forward, causing the Samsara Graveyard to shake. 

The aura around his body erupted as he unleashed the power of the Myriad Origins Sword, which was powerful enough to match an immortal ascension realm expert's full power attack.


The very next moment, the sword technique exploded with power, causing what seemed to be a violent earthquake within the Samsara Graveyard!

The might of this sword technique left Ye Chen flabbergasted, and he finally understood why Chen Tianli wanted to teach him this technique at all costs!

"It's a success!"

Ye Chen was about to leave the Samsara Graveyard when all three tombstones shone with light!

In other words, these three could be activated!