Naturally, Xiaoxuan could sense Ye Chen's confidence. It felt like the young man in front of him was ready to conquer the world.

However, Hong Tao was a saint grade alchemist after all, and Lin Qingxuan no longer existed. Even though the latter had reached the pinnacle of the path of medicine in ancient times, was there a point in comparing the two?

"Mr. Ye, there's something you might not understand. Although Ancestor Lin's medical skills are divine, with the passage of time, most of his medical and alchemy techniques and knowledge have long been lost. The people of the Medical God sect and Qingxuan Peak are no match for Hong Tao. Even if the patriarch personally came to the Land of Slaughter, it would be very difficult for him to beat Hong Tao in alchemy…"

"Mr. Ye, why don't I try to rush back to Qingxuan Peak as fast as possible? If the patriarch uses a secret technique, he might still have a chance."