Dragon Soul Commando Unit

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Ye Chen was surprised—it was a female voice he heard talking to him.

He turned around, and as expected, he found himself facing a woman.

The woman had a tall height of 1.7 meters, and she was dressed in an immaculate uniform. She looked oppressively handsome in her slim-fit camo top and straight-cut camo pants.

From her I.D., Ye Chen found out that her name was Bai Libing and she was a troop leader.

Bai Libing noticed that the man who was standing still had the nerve to stare at her bosoms, and she was infuriated. She continued, "On your knees and put your hands behind your head! This is the second warning!"

Ye Chen remained motionless. As Bai Libing was about to give him his third warning, Sun Yi rushed forward and grabbed Ye Chen's hands without hesitating. She raised both of them to the top of his head and forced Ye Chen to kneel.