Do You Think That's Enough To Kill Me?

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Naturally, Old Master Jiang was also paying attention to Ye Chen.

Although Ye Chen had won that exchange, his expression did not show any surprise.

He had seen Ye Chen use the Burning Sky Palm before, and knew how powerful it was. The moment Ye Chen had activated it, he knew that Lin Juelong would be at a disadvantage.

Actually, in Huaxia, probably no martial artist would be able to defeat that move head-on.

However, in this battle, winning one exchange was far from enough.

Next, Lin Juelong would definitely get serious. When that happened, Ye Chen would still end up losing.

On the platform, the shock on Lin Juelong's face had disappeared, and had been replaced by a sinister smile.

"Ye Chen, it seems that I've underestimated you. The elders were right. The secrets you possess have true value."

"I'm very curious about where you've been for the past five years. Where did your strength and martial arts techniques come from?"